Winter Patty Recipe (and patties for sale)

You might find this time of year (particularly with the back and forth weather we’ve had) that some colonies could benefit from some food insurance in the form of winter patties. If you have a shim board on top of your boxes, you can place the patty right above the cluster. Here is the recipe that we use: 25 lb bag of sugar, mixed slowly with ¾ lb pollen substitute and 4 cups water (plus or minus, you want it to not be super wet, just enough to pack together like wet sand). Then make patties using wax or parchment paper, or pack it into aluminum grill drip pans. Let it dry a bit and solidify for a few days. This makes approx. 25+ lbs of winter patty. If you would rather buy them, we have pre-made pans of approximately 3lb each for $10 (Carlisle location only).

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