March and April Package Bees with Summer Carniolan Upgrade option! — ordering is “live”

Available late March at Walnut Farm Bees in Carlisle, and in early April near our northern PA apiary (Nicholson) and also in Carlisle, PA at Walnut Farm Bees. With the limited number of nucs that we are able to provide each year and the necessary price increases, we have been looking for another March/April option for our customers that is lower in cost but still the same quality and support that you expect from us. We have considered selling package bees as a second option besides our nucs over the past few years but have not because it took us several years to find the right quality that we would be willing to sell. If you know us, you know that we are concerned about our customers and our reputation. After testing out many package bees that are sold in Pennsylvania (mostly from sources in Georgia, as are most package bees sold in our region), we finally have found the right partnership to make this an option for you. We have partnered with Woodcamp Farm in Maryland to provide 3lb Italian bee packages with 2023 mated queens in late March and early April. We have tested these package bees, and they were by far the highest quality out of any that we have tried. Many of the packages that we tested from other sources were not high quality, had poorly mated queens, and were loaded with mites. 

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