June Wax Dipping Date — drop off now

We are wax dipping on Friday, June 30. You can stop by now any day to drop things off at our Carlisle, PA farm shop–just make sure your name is written on the inside of the item in permanent marker or pencil, and send me a message/text/email to let me know what you dropped off. If you want extra staples in each corner of your new boxes (8 electro galvanized staples per box) prior to being dipped please let me know in advance ($1 per box). This helps with some of the woodenware that we’ve seen this year made of wood not properly dried. Anything you wish to have dipped must be dropped off no later than noon on the 31st. Pickup for your items will be available starting July 5, unless you are dipping only a few items and stick around to take them back with you on the 30th.

The price varies by volume (propane expense to heat tank, etc.). Because of the volume requested for this month, the cost will only be $5 per item (bottom board, box, lid, etc.).  We only dip assembled new (untreated and unused) bee equipment, such as bottom boards, hive bodies, and wooden lids (no plastic components, screened bottom boards, particle board, or flow hives).

We use a mixture of paraffin and microcrystalline wax (HiveGuard wax), heated to approximately 300 degrees, for 10 minutes. This mixture ensures good adhesion to the wood and will not get sticky in the summer heat, like beeswax.

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