Fall Supplies and Rentals at the Farm Shop

We still have fresh bee pollen, spring honey, and comb honey in stock and our fall/dark honey (with knotweed and goldenrod) will be available in early October. We also have a variety of supplies for your fall bee needs, including shims, digital scales, reflectix insulation, entrance reducers, nutritional supplies, varroa management, and more.

In many areas of Pennsylvania, goldenrod and knotweed are providing a nice fall flow, bulking up colonies for winter. It is exciting to watch the bees bringing in the nectar for winter! If that is not the case in your location or you have small splits or hives that need to be fed, we will start having 2:1 (fall blend) bee feed this Friday at the farm shop and will continue to have it on Fridays through October. It only contains sugar (no corn syrup) and will have Apis Biologix added to it: https://www.apisbiologix.com/ . The cost is $10/gallon, if you bring a container. If you need to purchase with a container, $13/gallon. We also have Global Pollen patties with real pollen available for $3.25 each (or $120 for a case of 40).

If you still have honey to extract for this year, ask us about our electric extractor rental! We also rent ProVap vaporizers from November through March.