Bee Supply Prices

The prices below are subject to change (when prices change from our suppliers, we will update the prices here). * ALL FORMS OF ELECTRONIC PAYMENT or cash/check are accepted. For Nicholson/northeast PA customers, let us know in advance if you would like any of the supplies below (some miscellaneous supplies in stock may not be listed here–simply ask if we have what you are looking for). We are in the northeast at least once per month, and can bring supplies, queens, queen cells for you to pickup in Nicholson. If you want to buy non-wax dipped or unpainted equipment at budget prices or very large orders of frames with foundation, we recommend Martins Bee Supply at 985 Mount Rock Road, Carlisle, PA–they are cash or check only and you may want to call ahead to make sure things are in stock there. We are happy to wax dip any woodenware from Martins, except for screened bottom boards.

ItemCurrent Price
Deep Hive Body, wax dipped (8 or 10 frame)$25 + tax
Medium Super, wax dipped (8 or 10 frame)$23 + tax
10-frame or 8-frame, Wax dipped migratory lid$25 + tax
Bottom Board, wax dipped (8 or 10 frame)$25 + tax
Feeder Shim (8 or 10 frame)$10 + tax
Triangle Bee Escape Board (8 or 10 frame)$22 + tax
Wooden frames with waxed plastic foundation, deep or medium size $3.25 each + tax
Wooden frames with triple waxed plastic foundation, deep or medium size$3.75 each + tax
Black plastic frames with heavy wax foundation, deep size$3.00 each + tax
Green drone frames (deep or medium, heavy wax)$4.00 each + tax
Metal Queen Excluder (8 or 10 frame)$13 + tax
Metal Mouse Guard (8 or 10 frame)$10 + tax
Dadant 4×7 or 4×10 smoker with guard—U.S. made!$65 + tax
Vented Bee Jacket with Hood$70
Leather Gloves$20
Smoker plug$7 + tax
Global Patties 15% (with real pollen) for boosting new colonies$3.25 each ($3 each when picking up nuc or package). $120 for a case of 40.
Spring Feed for helping new colonies (1:1, plus Apis Biologix added)$5 gallon; $8 gallon with ready to go container ($3 refund if returned)
Apiguard $5 + tax (box of 10 is $50)
Dribble syringe for Oxalic (60 ml)$2 + tax
Oxalic (35 gram bag from Api-Bioxal)$12 + tax
Formic Pro (2 pack)$22 + tax
“Easy Check” mite check container$25 + tax
Varroa Test mite check container$25 + tax
Queen marking pens$8 + tax

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