Beekeeper Services and Supplies


We currently have ProVap OAV rentals for beekeepers during the fall and winter months

Honey Extraction Services
Honey Moisture Testing (FREE service)

Starting in late April when the farm shop officially opens, we’ll be offering FREE honey moisture content testing on Fridays using our professional MISCO tester. Bring your honey samples along with you when you stop by, and we’ll be happy to give you a quick reading on moisture content.

Wax Dipping Services

We are now offering wax dipping services at our Carlisle, PA location for your assembled new (untreated and unused) bee equipment, such as bottom boards, hive bodies, and wooden lids (no plastic components, screened bottom boards, particle board, or flow hives). We are dipping approximately once per month for several days each month, late March through September, so ask ahead if you have a special request, and drop off your items well in advance.


$8 per large component (boxes, lids, bottom boards).

25 or more items: $7 each

50 or more items: $5 each

We use a mixture of paraffin and microcrystalline wax (HiveGuard wax), heated to approximately 300 degrees, for 10 minutes. This mixture ensures good adhesion to the wood and will not get sticky in the summer heat, like beeswax.

If you drop off equipment, EVERY piece of equipment needs to be labeled with your name, and you must leave a message, note, text, or email with what you dropped off and your phone number, so we can reach you when it is finished. A permanent marker or even pencil will work just fine for marking boxes. You are welcome to leave them in my yard for a few days even, if you can’t pick them up right away.

If you want to paint your equipment after it is dipped (oil based paint adheres best when the boxes are still hot), you are welcome to bring along your brushes and paint to do that, weather permitting.

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