Beekeeper Services and Supplies


We currently have ProVap OAV rentals for beekeepers during the fall and winter months

Honey Extraction Services
Beekeeping Supplies

Starting in April, our Carlisle, PA farm shop will have essential and selected (for quality and longevity) beekeeping supplies, including wax dipped woodenware (wax dipped boxes and bottom boards), feeders, organic mite treatments, emergency supplemental feed (pollen patties, syrup, winter patties), queen rearing supplies, and limited/emergency quantities of frames with foundation. We will only carry products that we believe in and would use ourselves. Store hours will be posted by April, as well as prices and product details. Monthly pickup options will also be available in Mifflinburg and Nicholson, PA (please contact us in advance for that).

If you paint your equipment (not interested in wax dipped boxes) or need very large amounts of frames with foundation, we recommend our friends at Martins Bee Supply on 985 Mt. Rock Rd, Carlisle, PA 17015. They are cash or check only. Their phone is 717-776-0244.

Honey Moisture Testing (FREE service)

Starting in April when the farm shop officially opens, we’ll be offering FREE honey moisture content testing on Fridays using our professional MISCO tester. Bring your honey samples along with you when you stop by, and we’ll be happy to give you a quick reading on moisture content.

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