Raw Pure Honey and Bee Products

We offer pure, raw, local, delicious honey for sale at our self-serve stands year round (west of Carlisle on 148 Opossum Lake Rd before lake entrance, outside of Mifflinburg at 7768 Old Turnpike Rd, and on Brecht Hill Rd outside of Nicholson) as well as at our farm shop near Opossum Lake outside of Carlisle, PA. You can also purchase it shipped to your location anywhere in the U.S. Our raw honey is produced by our honey bee colonies in Pennsylvania (Cumberland and Wyoming counties) without the use of antibiotics or non-organic treatments on the honeybee colonies, and our processing facility is licensed and inspected. You will notice seasonal labels on the top of each container (such as spring or fall) to help with your selection. Spring honey is the lightest and mildest, with flowering trees as a primary nectar source, and is available each year by July. Late summer/fall honey is a darker in color wildflower honey made with goldenrod and knotweed, very sweet with a more strong “honey” flavor, and it is available each year starting in October We also occasionally capture a “mostly locust” honey, which is the earliest honey of the year. Honey is sold by net weight, not by volume.

Raw Honey and Pollen Prices (for 2022)

2oz. (plastic bear), by special order$2Spring, Fall
8oz. (plastic)$5Spring, Fall in stock
1lb. (glass, plastic)$10Spring, Fall in stock
2lb. (plastic, glass)$20Locust, Fall in stock
3lb. (plastic)$25Spring, Fall in stock
5lb. (plastic jug)$38Spring, Fall in stock
5lb. (glass jar)$40Spring, Fall in stock
Gallon (plastic, approx. 12+ lb.)$80Fall, Summer in stock, limited supply
Bucket and wholesaleBucket quantities are sold out/reserved for 2023; will have more again in June 2024; contact us if you would like to reserve in advance for 2024.
Comb Honey (12+ oz. square)$15Summer in stock
Fresh, Local Bee Pollen (8 oz. glass jar)$15In stock, *Discount by volume for orders of 5 or more and 10 or more jars
Local Bees wax, per lb., cleaned.$3-$50Sold in 3 oz, 1 lb, and 5 lb quantities