Raw Honey and Fresh Pollen

We offer pure, raw, local, delicious honey for sale at our red stand during the late spring and summer (on Opossum Lake Rd before lake entrance). If you call ahead or call when you arrive, we can make sure you have the honey you need. Call us to fresh local pollen (pollen now SOLD OUT until April). Cash or card accepted.

Raw Honey and Pollen Prices (2021)

1 lb bottle (plastic)

1 lb jar (glass)

2 lb bottle (plastic)

12 oz Bear bottle (plastic)

Comb Honey Orders**

$15.00 for approx 1 lb square

**Must be pre-ordered by May 1

Fresh Local Pollen (SOLD OUT)
$5.00 2oz. jar / $15.00 8oz. jar

$25 for 16 oz. jar

3 lb bottle (plastic)

By the gallon

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