5-Frame Nucs

OUR GUARANTEE — We want you to be happy with our bees, and if you follow our nuc instructions, and you discover a problem with your nuc within 48 hours (2 days), you can schedule a replacement nuc or your money back. Thank you to all 2022 customers — nucs are sold for 2022. Orders for overwintered mid-April nucs and late April nucs with 2023 queens will begin in late December/January, and we will post an update on our website/Facebook when this is available.

We offer nucs for pickup in Carlisle, PA and select dates in Nicholson, PA. We are inspected and licensed each year for bee and queen sales in Pennsylvania, and we are export certified for out of state bee sales. Repeat customers, veterans, beekeepers with disabilities and youth receive the volume discount price on nucs (contact us for discount code).

5-Frame Nucs (details for 2023)

For 2023 nucs, we expect changes from 2022 to better meet the early start that customers are looking for. First, we will have PA Carniolan Overwintered Nucs for April 2023 (made with our own September 2022 queens). Second, we will have late April 2023 Carniolan nucs made with 2023 queens from reputable breeders in in a warmer climate (California).

In 2023, we will also be offering introductory and intermediate classes with a 2-3+ hour hands-on educational session including, actual nuc install, inspecting a hive, discussion and illustration of nutrition, and discussion and illustration of mite control. We may also do an August class on mites, nutrition, and overwintering. Reservations will begin in January for those educational sessions (limited number of participants, so that there is plenty of hands on opportunity).

*If you are not happy with the nuc or hive for any reason, please let us know within 48 hours (2 days). You are always welcome to contact us with questions!

Here is a page of tips for our customers.

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