Nucs and Hives

Contact us for 5-frame nucs to install into your hive. Several available in late April with overwintered PA queens or new Italian queens. We will have a limited number of nucs with new, 2021 queens in late June 2021. We will have the early nucs available again for April-June 2022, so please contact us to be added to the wait list if you are interested in April nucs for 2022. We are inspected each year for bee and queen sales in Pennsylvania. We also have starter hive kits, equipment kits, and protective gear to get you started in this adventure. This is available year round. Repeat customers receive a 5% discount on nucs and hive components.

Nuc and Starter Package Kits (2021)

5-frame Nuc**: $150-$175

5-frame nuc made from overwintered hives with a new, laying queen, with drawn frames including brood, resources, transport nuc box that you can keep. $5 refund for nuc box return (in good condition). Inspected by state and treated for mites prior to sale.

Early nucs with new, laying queens (early-late April) are $175. These come with Carniolan hybrid queens. To request Italian or Russian queens, you must reserve prior to March 1.

May and June nucs with new, laying queens are $150. These come with Carniolan F1, open-mated queens. To request an Italian queen, you must reserve at least one month in advance.

Queen marking is free.

“Starter” Hive Kit: $125

Solid bottom board
Two 8-frame (or 10-frame) deep hive bodies with wax-coated deep frames
One inner cover
One telescoping lid
Entrance reducer
*Paint/coat and add bees

“Starter” Tool Kit: $60
Two hive tools (different styles)
Wax uncapping fork
Smoker with starter package of fuel
Bee brush and frame grabber
Varroa Mite Test Container

3 Layer, Vented Bee Jacket
Medium, Large, XL

Goatskin Gloves
Child, Small, Medium, Large, XL

“Starter” Deal: $400

Starter Hive Kit
Starter Tool Kit
3-layer jacket
Goatskin gloves
5-frame “May/June” Nuc

Prep Upgrade: $50
With a 5 week lead time, we can:
Paint your hive with a double-coat of white paint, double-coat with an exterior oil, or double-coat with tung oil. By request, we will also dip your equipment in Eco Wood Treatment prior to the oil coats. This will be done a month prior to picking up your hive, so that the equipment is ready for bees. Simply take the equipment home and install the nuc in your newly prepared hive.

**When you pick up your bees, you will be given your nuc to go through. If you are not happy with the nuc for any reason, please let us know before you leave. Unless you are purchasing a jacket or gloves from us, you should bring yours along. Once you leave with the nuc, it is your responsibility to keep it alive, but we will send you with a sheet of tips and suggestions, and you are always welcome to contact us.

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