5-Frame Deep Nucs

OUR GUARANTEE — Our frames and bees are not used for out-of-state pollination, and the nucs are made with our own overwintered, PA bees and varroa-resistant genetics. This does not mean you do not need to monitor (and treat when needed) for mites. APRIL and MAY NUCS ARE NOW ALL RESERVED. Early June nucs are made with our own 2022 Pennsylvania Carniolan queens. We want you to be happy with our bees, and if you follow our nuc instructions, and you discover a problem with your nuc within 48 hours (2 days), you can schedule a replacement nuc or your money back. To reserve by phone for spring 2022, call 717-514-9891 or 570- 551-0032 or email us at walnutfarmbees@gmail.com.

Early June 2022 Nucs (partial deposit)

This reserves your nuc for June 2022–prices are below. Early June nucs have new 2022 PA Carniolan queens from our breeder queen. Please MAKE SURE YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION is correct, so we can coordinate with you. If you want to follow up with specifics, please contact us.


We are inspected and licensed each year for bee and queen sales in Pennsylvania, and we are export certified for out of state bee sales. Repeat customers, veterans, and youth receive the volume discount price on nucs.

5-Frame Deep Nucs (2022)

5-frame Nuc**: $140-$200

5-frame deep nucs made from overwintered hives, overwintered or a new, laying, 2022 queen, with drawn frames including brood, resources, transport nuc box that you can keep or recycle.

July-August nucs by special request. This would only be to boost weak colonies. We can also sell you individual frames of brood or resources.

Overwintered April Nucs: $190-200 *SOLD OUT*

April nucs with our own overwintered August, PA Carniolan queens (weather dependent, target is mid-late April for 2022) are $200. 2 or more, $190.

May Nucs: $140-$170 *SOLD OUT*

May nucs with new, laying queens are $150. In 2022, we will have nucs in mid-late May with our own 2022 PA Carniolan queens, and overwintered PA bees. 2 or more, $140. Limited number of overwintered nucs with August 2021 queens, some with Italian hybrid queens, $170.

Early June Nucs: $140

Early June nucs with new, laying queens are $140. In 2022, we will have nucs in early June with our own 2022 PA Carniolan queens, and overwintered PA bees.

**When you pick up your bees, you will be given your nuc, and you have the option of inspecting it if you wish to do so (some foragers will fly off). If you are not happy with the nuc or hive for any reason, please let us know within 48 hours (2 days). If you are going to inspect your nuc or want the chance to look inside a hive (please schedule that with us in advance), please bring your jacket and gloves (new leather or nitrile gloves only, due to biosafety precautions). You are always welcome to contact us with questions!

Here is a page of tips for our customers.

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