5-Frame Nucs, Starter Hives, and Bees

OUR GUARANTEE — Our focus is on quality, satisfaction, and support. We demand quality as our colonies overwinter the entire winter in Pennsylvania. Our package bees for late March and early April are from an apiary in Georgia that sells some of the best, mite-free, quality packages available–we have tested others sold and they do not compare! Our May Carniolan package bees are from overwintered Maryland bees and Carniolan queens. We will not sell you something that we would not love to have for ourselves. We also are happy to answer questions as you grow your colonies (text/phone/email/facebook if you have questions). Nuc transport box and queen marking are always included. We want you to be happy with our bees, and if you follow our nuc instructions, and you discover a problem with your nuc within 48 hours (2 days), you can schedule a replacement nuc or your money back.

We are inspected and licensed each year for bee and queen sales in Pennsylvania, and we are export certified for out of state bee sales. Repeat customers, veterans, beekeepers with disabilities and youth receive the volume discount price on nucs (contact us for discount code).

The late April 2023 Carniolan nucs including 2023 Carniolan queens from reputable breeders in in a warmer climate (California) who uses similar genetics–something that we are happy to use. If you prefer one of our local “PA Carniolan” queens, you have the option to purchase one of those queens in July or August at a 50% discount (contact us this summer for the discount code). Our nucs are 5 frame deeps, but if you have a need for a 5 frame medium nuc, please contact us prior to ordering. We also offer a limited number of AZ (traditional Slovenian sized frames only) for sale each spring–contact us in advance.

Here is a page of tips for our customers.

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