PA Queens from VSH Queen Genetics

OUR GUARANTEE — We want you to be happy with our bees, and if you follow our installation instructions, and your new mated queen is not laying or you’re unhappy with the purchase within 15 days from your purchase, you can have a replacement queen or money back. This does not apply to virgin queens, if you choose to purchase those.

QUEEN GENETICS DO MATTER — We use Artificially Inseminated (AI) breeder queens for our queen grafting so that we can influence the genetics for our open-mated queens. Our open-mated PA Carniolan queens are grafted from a VSH (Varroa Sensitive Hygiene) Carniolan breeder queen from VP Queen Bees, which was artificially inseminated to keep pure genetics. This does not mean you do not need to monitor (and treat when needed) for mites. To encourage genetic diversity with our open mating, we stock our outlying drone yards with VSH queens from quality breeders.

Local, PA Carniolan Queens (starting in late May through early September): $30, including marking (these are open mated, laying queens from our artificially-inseminated VSH Carniolan breeder queen here in Pennsylvania). Discount for orders of 5 or more. These quality queens are open-mated and verified to be laying well (good laying pattern) before being sold. Orders of 5 or more will receive a discount–veterans and young beekeepers will also receive a discount.

Virgin Queens from Artificially inseminated Carniolan VSH Breeder Queen:  $20 each, $15 each for 5 or more. These queens are marked but unmated. You need to introduce them into your hives or nucs, where they can then make mating flights to be mated in your local area. To be successful, you need a good local supply of drones, weather, and temperatures that are good for mating.  Because introduction and mating conditions are outside our control, we do not guarantee successful introduction or mating.  Please note that there is risk involved regarding the success of ending up with a mated queen, so you are accepting this risk. Even under optimal conditions you cannot guarantee success with introduction or mating.  Please note: virgin queens are more difficult to introduce than mated queens.  We suggest allowing extra time before releasing her from the cage.  Virgin queens must be ordered in advance and are available from June-August

We will ship queens in 2022 on a limited basis (from June through early September, weather-dependent). There is a minimum quantity of 5 queens for shipped queens, and a handling/packing charge of $10 for each order. Actual shipping costs apply (UPS next day) and live arrival is only guaranteed when shipped to UPS pickup locations (not residences). Contact us for orders that require shipping, and we can provide a quote for you.

We are inspected and approved for bee and queen sales in Pennsylvania and we sell nucs and queens to Maryland beekeepers as well. Unless other arrangements have been made, queens must be picked up in Carlisle, PA.

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