FI Carniolan and Italian Hybrid PA Queens


Reserve/Deposit for early May 2022 PA, F1 Carniolan Queen ($15.00)


OUR GUARANTEE — We want you to be happy with our bees, and if you follow our installation instructions, and your new queen is not laying or you’re unhappy with the purchase within 15 days from your purchase, you can have a replacement queen or money back.

QUEEN GENETICS DO MATTER — Locally raised random genetics can many times be very successful, but they can also bring with them undesirable traits, including very defensive behavior. We use an Artificially Inseminated (AI) breeder queen for our queen grafting so that we can guarantee 50% of the genetics. Using the genetics from our VSH Carniolan breeder queen from VP Queens, we select queens that overwinter, have gentle traits, produce good brood patterns, and exhibit resistance to disease. F1 queens are the daughters of a certified VSH (mite resistant) Carniolan “breeder” queen, which was artificially inseminated to keep pure genetics. While they are “open-mated,” they still have 50% of the breeder queen’s genetics. This gives you hybrid vigor with Carniolan and VSH traits.

We are inspected and approved for bee and queen sales in Pennsylvania and we sell nucs and queens to Maryland as well. Queens must be picked up–we are not shipping at this time. We will ship on a limited basis in 2022.

These quality queens are open-mated and verified to be laying well (good laying pattern) before being sold. Orders of 5 or more will receive a discount–veterans and young beekeepers will also receive a discount. Cash or card accepted.

Late March through late April (F1 Carniolan Queens from a Florida breeder): $40, including marking (these are open mated, laying queens from various sources that we’ve used in hives and verified their quality). Discount for orders of 5 or more.

Local PA, F1 Carniolan Queens (early May through early September): $30, including marking (these are open mated, laying queens from our artificially-inseminated VSH Carniolan breeder queen here in Pennsylvania). Discount for orders of 5 or more.

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