“PA Carniolan” Queens from VSH Genetics

AVAILABILITY— We produce a limited number of “PA Carniolan” locally open-mated Carniolan queens and “PA Caucasian” queens that are available June through August–start and end dates depends on conditions each year. Queens are generally picked up at our location outside of Carlisle, PA. In addition, if you live closer to Nicholson, PA and want to pick up a mated queen during the summer, contact us in advance, as we will have monthly pickup options for queens and equipment in Nicholson (June-August). In addition, we do offer shipping ($20 fee in 2023 for up to 10 queens, 1-day UPS shipping) during the summer months. Queens are always marked.

QUEEN GENETICS–We use Instrumentally Inseminated (also sometimes referred to as artificially inseminated) breeder queens for our queen grafting from a respected breeding program with over 22 years of experience in insemination and VSH genetics. Our Pennslyvania open-mated “PA Carniolan” queens are grafted from these VSH (Varroa Sensitive Hygiene) Carniolan breeder queens, which (along with our drone genetics of VSH Carniolan, Caucasian, and VSH Italian) helps provide the specific genetic traits that we love. We also have a Caucasian breeder queen that we are using to continue our work to influence our drone yards (and for queen and nucs by request). VSH does not mean you do not need to monitor (and treat when needed) for varroa mites, as many factors including the influence of nearby apiaries impact your mite levels.

OUR GUARANTEE–We want you to be happy with our bees, and if you follow our installation instructions, and your new mated queen is not laying within 15 days from your purchase, you can have a replacement queen or money back.

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