Carniolan Queens and Queen Cells from VSH Queen Genetics

AVAILABILITY— Our locally mated Carniolan queens are available June through beginning of August–end date depends on conditions each year (sold out now for 2022). Queen cells available early May through early July. Queens and queen cells are generally picked up at our location outside of Carlisle, PA.

QUEEN GENETICS–We use Artificially Inseminated (AI) breeder queens for our queen grafting (this can also be referred to as instrumentally inseminated). Our open-mated PA Carniolan queens are grafted from VSH (Varroa Sensitive Hygiene) Carniolan breeder queens from VP Queen Bees, which are artificially inseminated to keep more specific genetics. Current grafts are from an overwintered breeder queen–she is fantastic! This does not mean you do not need to monitor (and treat when needed) for varroa mites. Our outlying drone areas have queens from other well-known quality breeders (with Caucasian and Carniolan queens) to ensure good genetic diversity and other traits that we value.

QUEEN CELLS–for pickup only. You assume any risk when purchasing cells, once they leave our property. They must be ordered in advance by contacting us. Pickup dates are very specific for queen cells. No deposit, payment when picked up. These cells are ready to be installed as soon as possible, not kept in an incubator. You should have a queenless nuc or colony ready the day before picking the cells up, as these are 10 days from grafting (Pricing: 1-4 cells, $10 each; 5-9 cells, $9 each; 10-19 cells, $8 each; 20-30 cells, $7 each). If you are ordering 50 or more cells over the season from us, contact us for pricing. We include a JZ BZ queen cell protector. Bring a way to keep cells warm and safe (like a lunch cooler with a hot water bottle and foam or packing peanuts to avoid vibration).

OUR GUARANTEE–We want you to be happy with our bees, and if you follow our installation instructions, and your new mated queen is not laying or you’re unhappy with the purchase within 15 days from your purchase, you can have a replacement queen or money back.

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