June Nuc Update

June nuc customers, you will be getting an email/phone call over the next two weeks regarding scheduling your nuc pickup. We expect the first June nucs to start to be picked up by the beginning of June. If you have any questions, give us a call or send an email.

It’s better to know than to guess…

If you don’t recognize what’s going on in this picture, it’s our mite check setup, with a Easy Check container, 1/2 cup measure, 70% rubbing alcohol, and a wash basin to collect bees. At the very minimum you should be monitoring for mites May-September (we monitor late March – October). Our counts (as they haveContinue reading “It’s better to know than to guess…”

2022 License to Sell Queens and Nucs

We are once again licensed by the PA Department of Agriculture to sell queens and nucs. We are looking forward to customers picking up their overwintered April nucs over the next several days. The colonies are awesome and ready to expand! Don’t be afraid to ask your nuc or queen supplier in PA if theyContinue reading “2022 License to Sell Queens and Nucs”

May Nuc Customers — Timing Update

Our best guess now is that May nucs will be available by the weekend of May 21, likely starting pickup availability on May 18. If you need new queens for any of your other hives, we will also have some 2022 PA Carniolan queens ready during that pickup period. Please contact us in advance ifContinue reading “May Nuc Customers — Timing Update”

April Nuc Customers – Timing Update

April nucs will be ready starting April 14. Please check your email for pickup preference. Despite the little cold snap right now, things are looking strong, healthy, and fantastic. We met our target for the winter with over 90% survival rate on all colonies (to count a colony as “safe,” we verify a laying queen,Continue reading “April Nuc Customers – Timing Update”

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