Pollen in Stock

As the weather warms prior to high availability of natural pollen, you may want to not only watch your honey resources but also pollen (aka “bee bread”) in your colonies. WE NOW HAVE 1 pound bags of Ultra Bee dry pollen substitute available ($3 for a 1lb bag) and will have Global Pollen patties (15%)Continue reading “Pollen in Stock”

2023 nucs are now all reserved

2023 Carniolan nucs are now all reserved. We will have our “PA Carniolan” queen cells available in late April, and our mated 2023 “PA Carniolan” queens available at the beginning of June. If you have an emergency need for a queen in April or May, give us a call. We apologize to those who mayContinue reading “2023 nucs are now all reserved”

Honey Extraction Services-starting summer 2023

More information will be available on the website by June, but we will be offering convenient honey extraction services from July through September in our very clean and efficient processing room (Carlisle, PA area). This is perfect for small or growing operations who don’t want the immediate hassle and expense for an extraction setup. TakeContinue reading “Honey Extraction Services-starting summer 2023”

Farm Shop Update, slow but sure progress

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’s! It’s ridiculously cold outside today, but we’re making a lot of headway on the shop. A good bit of work to go—but still planning on being open in April! Besides lots of awesome honey and pollen, there will be essential and very select high quality bee supplies that don’tContinue reading “Farm Shop Update, slow but sure progress”

Final Late fall/early winter Organic Varroa Mite Treatment with Oxalic Acid–Doesn’t have to be expensive…

If you prefer organic varroa mite treatments like we do, late fall/early winter, is a great time of year to use something like oxalic acid. While Oxalic Acid vaporizers work really well, you don’t have an expensive Oxalic Acid Vaporizer and can still easily do a late fall (or early winter) Oxalic Acid treatment toContinue reading “Final Late fall/early winter Organic Varroa Mite Treatment with Oxalic Acid–Doesn’t have to be expensive…”

It’s better to know than to guess…

If you don’t recognize what’s going on in this picture, it’s our mite check setup, with a Easy Check container, 1/2 cup measure, 70% rubbing alcohol, and a wash basin to collect bees. At the very minimum you should be monitoring for mites May-September (we monitor late March – October). Our counts (as they haveContinue reading “It’s better to know than to guess…”

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