July Beekeeping Class

For those who have been asking about this, we now have the details for our July beekeeping class, which will cover late summer and early fall management and more: https://walnutfarmbees.com/product/summer-hands-on-beekeeping-class-july-22/ The nectar flow is still going strong–if you need supers or frames with foundation, we have them at our farm shop. We have 2023 matedContinue reading “July Beekeeping Class”

Queens, Cells, and Fresh Pollen

We have 2023 mated Carniolan queens weekly from Latshaw genetics (next availability is Wednesday, the 17th), and we expect to have our own PA Carniolan queens available by mid-June. All queens are $40 each. We also continue to have queen cells from our breeder queens available (contact us to order, as the next couple ofContinue reading “Queens, Cells, and Fresh Pollen”

April 30 Update

This rainy weather is much needed, but if you have small or new colonies, you’ll want to provide them with some feed during this time. If you have large or overwintered colonies, you’ll want to check for swarm cells after the cool, rainy weather breaks. If you are picking up nucs (not package bees—see below)Continue reading “April 30 Update”

April 16 Update

We have a limited number of 2023 Italian queens available for emergency needs ($35 each). The next batch of our own Queen Cells will be available Saturday afternoon/evening, April 22 ($6 or less each, depending on quantity). The next mated 2023 Carniolan queens (these are Latshaw genetics from Hawaii) are available late the week ofContinue reading “April 16 Update”

April 10 Bee Update

We’ll have a limited number of 2023 Carniolan queens from Pope Canyon Queens in California starting this Thursday evening. The next batch of our own Queen Cells will be available Sunday afternoon/evening, April 23 (all for the 16th are now reserved). We have Global Pollen Patties and Spring Bee Feed in stock if you areContinue reading “April 10 Bee Update”

March 25 Bee Update

Things are flowering and turning green, especially after this rain. Thank you to all the late March packages buyers–last week should have been good timing to get them established–continue to feed them as they build up. We are currently wax-dipping equipment for all the February and March “special” orders. If you have any new, unusedContinue reading “March 25 Bee Update”

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