Honey Processing Services

The deposit to reserve an extraction week is $75 (the deposit counts towards your overall fees). We offer a range of extraction services in our clean and efficient processing room (licensed and inspected) with certified water testing conducted each year. Please read the guidelines at the bottom of the page before reserving. Reservations feature will be on this page and will go “live” in June (if you prefer, we can also take phone or in person reservations at that time). Extraction weeks will be available from July through late September. Feel free to contact us now if you have any questions or special requests.

There is no minimum number of supers or frames per extraction, but there is a flat extraction minimum fee regardless of amount: $75 (it takes us time to prep and clean afterwards). This is simply a minimum–if your volume of frames exceeds $75 in cost, you are not charged an additional $75, but rather the actual cost for 2023:

$1.75 per frameshallow or medium frame, if we keep the wax cappings
$2 per frameshallow or medium frame, you receive your wet wax cappings back in a bucket(s) you provide
$2.25 per frameshallow or medium frame, filtered (still raw honey, course filtering), and you keep the wax cappings
$2.50 per framedeep frame, we keep the wax cappings
$2.75 per framedeep frame, you receive wet wax cappings back in a bucket(s) you provide
$3 per framedeep frame, filtered (still raw honey, course filtering), and you keep the wax cappings

Bring your own 5 gallon buckets or similar (clean) containers or we can provide them at $13 each (food grade, BPA free, including lid). We will not clean your containers, so please bring them ready to use.

We can also bottle your honey at $.50 per container, with your jars (or we can provide jars from the shop at actual cost). Please let us know that when you drop off your supers/frames.

*Simply ask if you have a special request


1. Make sure your honey is mostly capped on both sides of frame. We can extract uncapped frames, but it could mean the moisture content is too high. We will test the honey moisture for each extraction, but we are not responsible for you dropping off high moisture content honey—our extraction room is humidity controlled, so it will not increase from what you drop off. Optimal moisture is between 15% and 18%. There are variables with different honey nectar sources and the yeast spore count in the honey (read more about that). Under “general” circumstances, above 18.6% could ferment. We will provide moisture content readings for you when you pick up your honey (using our professional grade tester).

2. Remove ALL the live bees from your frames prior to arrival. 

4. We cannot extract frames with brood, mold, wax moth, live bees or crystalized honey. Please check all of your frames carefully. We will not extract crystallized honey.   

5. We do not extract frames that have wire and wax foundation as they tend to fall apart in the extractor. We only extract frames with plastic foundation or solid plastic frames.

6. Full payment due when picking up the final product. We will not store honey more than one week after processing without prior arrangements.