2023 Carniolan Queen Cells from VSH Breeder Queen


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Pickup in Carlisle, PA (Nicholson or Mifflinburg on a monthly basis). For beekeepers with a little bit of experience, these are a great option for making splits or requeening a colony. These are “ripe” (ready to be installed) queen cells grafted from an overwintered, artificially inseminated, VSH Carniolan breeder queen that we purchased from breeders with over 20 years of experience. Includes a queen cell protector, to be installed down between 2 frames of brood. Best acceptance is with smaller colonies. Typically available early May (weather dependent) through early August. If you purchase 20 or more cells, let us know if you want them at different times for your convenience. For larger orders, please contact us in advance to accommodate your needs.

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