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FEBRUARY SPECIAL: “Starter” BEES and HIVE – Wax Dipped – April and May (Carniolan)


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This offer ends at the end of February. This is for a starter Carniolan “double deep” OR “triple medium” hive setup (your choice of 8 frame or 10 frame) including all the basics to get started, including bees, marked queen, and a minimum of 4 frames that will have drawn combs with resources! If you are going with all mediums, simply select that option when you are ordering, and we will change the setup to 3 medium boxes. This takes the risk and guess work out of installing a package of bees and getting them started! CARLISLE OR NICHOLSON, PA PICKUP ONLY, begins in late April for Carlisle (early May for Nicholson). A 2023 March package of bees with a Carniolan queen will already be installed in your equipment in late March. We will manage your colony’s initial growth, build it up, and mark the queen in April. This setup is actually wax dipped for a length of time at high temperature, not wax coated or quickly dipped like some products. Included in this special offer:

  • 2 Deep* Hive Bodies – your choice of 8 or 10 frame (wax dipped, no maintenance!)
  • Solid bottom board (wax dipped)
  • Migratory style flat lid with 70mm feeder hole (lid made from “cheese board” or wax-dipped pine, depending on availability)
  • Entrance reducer
  • Wood frames with waxed plastic foundation, 1 will be a green plastic drone frame
  • 1 quart plastic jar feeder that fits hole on lid, plus lid to cap hole when not in use
  • *3 Medium setup option available

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8 frame deeps, 10 frame deeps, 8 frame mediums, 10 frame mediums