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Carlisle or Nicholson, PA — Overwintered Nuc with Marked Queen (April 26/27, 2024)


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We are not requiring a deposit this year for our nucs, but this is a reservation and commitment to purchase (payment via cash/card/check on pickup). Nucs that are not picked up and paid for will go to the next interested person, unless prior arrangements have been made. These are 5-frame deep nucs made with marked, overwintered “PA Carniolan,” “PA Caucasian” or “VSH Italian” queens started in mid through late August. If you need a medium nuc, you need to check with us prior to ordering–limited availability in that size. THESE NUCS HAVE OVERWINTERED THE ENTIRE WINTER IN PA. The “PA Carniolan” nucs are made from one of our VSH Carniolan breeder queens. The “PA Caucasian” nucs are made from one of our Caucasian breeder queens. The “VSH Italian nucs” are made with September 2023 VSH Italian queens from Wildflower Meadows that have overwintered the entire winter in PA. During the order process, you can indicate your preference of breed, but it is not guaranteed (based on final availability). Since no payment is required in advance, if you are not satisfied with what is available in the spring, you will be able to cancel your order at that time, and it will go to the next person waiting. The 5 drawn frames including the overwintered marked (red for 2023) queen, brood, resources, transport nuc box that you can keep or recycle. The frames may be plastic or wooden. Box may vary from picture, as we have a few styles of nuc boxes, ranging from waxed cardboard to plastic. The Carlisle, PA location will have pickup dates estimated to be the end of April (estimated around April 26/27). Customers near Nicholson, PA (northern PA) location will have 2 pickup day options in late April (possibly the evening of April 27 or early afternoon of April 28) to be determined (contact us in advance if you have questions). Please specify your pickup location preference with your order.


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Carlisle, PA, Nicholson, PA