Sold out!

Carlisle, PA — Spring Hands-on Beekeeping Class — March 23, 2024


Sold out!



Hands on Class, March 23, 2024: Saturday or Sunday in March at Carlisle, PA location (planned for Saturday from 9am-12pm, rain date is Sunday, March 24 from 2pm-5pm). $50 per person (you may bring one free guest). We request that you please take a basic beekeeping class online or watch these free resources prior to our class, so that you have a basic understanding of terminology.

  • Equipment basics and discussion
  • Apiary locations and setup
  • Pennsylvania’s honeybee law, apiary registration, and inspection program
  • Discussion of installing a package into a hive
  • Discussion of installing a nuc into a hive
  • Inspecting a hive, what to look for
  • Doing a Varroa mite check
  • Queen discussion
  • Nuc/Package Spring Nutritional considerations
  • Nuc/Package Spring Pest control discussion (mites, beetles, moths, ants)
  • Swarming discussion

You (and your guest, if bringing a guest) will need to bring a bee suit (at minimum a veil). Nitrile gloves will be available, if you have NEW bee gloves, you may bring those (bio security protocol—not negotiable). You may also wish to bring a snack, if you will be hungry. We will have a restroom and water available. If you have a foldable chair to bring along, that would be helpful for times you may want to sit. This class is not recommended for children under 12 years of age, and a Parent or Adult Guardian must be on site with any children under the age of 18.

Walnut Farm Bees LLC Liability Acknowledgement:

  • I do not have any physical health problems (including known bee allergies) that will make the class dangerous to me.
  • I acknowledge there are live honeybee hives at the class location. Do not get close to our beehives without proper protection and one of our beekeepers.
  • I will bring and wear a bee veil or jacket at minimum. Unless you are wearing a full bee suit, we suggest you wear thick pants and closed shoes (not flip flops or sandals)–boots are recommended.
  • I will NOT wear perfume or anything with a strong scent.
  • I assume the risk from any stings or accidents while I am attending the class, and I waive the right to sue Walnut Farm Bees LLC or the property location owners, or other participants, for illnesses (including death), and property loss arising from, but not limited to, participation in this beekeeping class.

By placing an order to reserve a class session, I am agreeing to the above Walnut Farm Bees LLC Liability Acknowledgement.