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“Starter” Carniolan Beehive Special – Wax Dipped – April


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This is for a starter “double deep” hive setup (your choice of 8 frame or 10 frame) including all the basics to get started, started with 5 frames of bees! CARLISLE, PA PICKUP ONLY, begins in late April. A 2023 Carniolan 5-frame nuc of bees with marked queen will already be installed in your equipment. This is actually wax dipped for a length of time at high temperature, not wax coated or quickly dipped like some products. Nicholson nuc buyers, you can add this package, but please contact us first, as delivery would be in May. If you need recommendations on bee jackets, gloves, tools, just ask! Included in package:

  • 2 Deep Hive Bodies (wax dipped, no maintenance!)
  • Solid bottom board (wax dipped, can request screened, but it is not wax dipped)
  • Telescoping lid and inner cover (can request a flat migratory lid made from “cheese board” instead–that’s what we use)
  • Entrance reducer
  • Wood frames with waxed plastic foundation, 1 will be a drone frame which is all plastic
  • Feeder (frame feeder by default, can choose bucket or jar instead*)
  • *If bucket or jar feeder and migratory lid, 70mm or 49mm hole will be drilled unless requested otherwise

“Honey Super Upgrade” add-on includes:

  • 2 Medium Hive Bodies (wax dipped, no maintenance!)
  • Metal queen excluder
  • Waxed wood frames with plastic foundation

“Fall/Winter Package” add-on includes:

  • Winter Shim board (wax dipped, no maintenance!)
  • Reflectix for under lid
  • Mouse Guard
  • Mite treatment for double-deep (Apiguard for August and OAD dispenser for late November)

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8 frame, 10 frame, All Medium